When we think about the kind of doctor we want for our medical care, many of us want one that is knowledgeable, well-trained in medicine, and experienced. These desires reflect that we want someone competent to care for us. But medicine is not only about physical science. Our health transcends the merely physical because we are each made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26). Furthermore, when we consider medicine in relation to our faith in Christ, we see that the secular vision of health care is woefully lacking. Having a truly Catholic doctor can correct these distortions and ensure you receive the care you deserve. With all this in mind, here are more reasons why it is important to have a Catholic doctor.

The first reason is because Jesus is Himself the Divine Physician. Therefore, it is important to have a doctor that knows and reflects Him, the true source of all healing. Our doctors should be seeking to heal us with His help. If a doctor is relying only on his (or her) limited understanding to cure you, he may treat you differently than if he is using his knowledge and God-given ability in union with the healing love of Christ. Just as we should follow Proverbs 3:5, our doctors should too: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.”

The second reason is because a good physician recognizes that he is treating an entire person—soul, mind, and body. If your doctor practices medicine in recognition of all your needs, you are more likely to receive better care. A Catholic doctor who shares your faith will understand many things about you that a secular doctor would not, and will strive to serve you as though you were Christ.

Another reason to have a Catholic doctor is to draw closer to Christ in your healthcare. While secular doctors may be able to provide you with competent physical medical care, they will not be able to lead you to Christ if they do not know Him. Catholic physicians that see their practice of medicine as doing the work of God can help draw you closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

A fourth reason is to support authentic Catholic healthcare. Much the health care infrastructure in our country supports a throw-away culture that kills the unborn and other procedures that contradict Catholic teaching. We need to invest in Catholic healthcare, and divest from the throw-away culture, if we want pro-life health care that respects every human person as made in the image and likeness of God from conception till natural death.

Hopefully it is clear how important it is to have a Catholic doctor. As you seek one out, be sure to contact our partners at the Christ Medicus Foundation to see if their health care solution, CMF CURO, which helps facilitate connections to Catholic doctors, can help you.