Our Partners

We thank these organizations for their support.

  • Christ Medicus Foundation


    The Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF) shares Jesus Christ's healing love in health care by championing religious freedom for medical professionals and patients, Christ-centered pro-life medical care and the CURO Catholic health care community . CMF founded the CURO health care community to bring together Catholics and offer a place for pro-life health care, medical needs, wellness, spiritual care and prayer.

  • MyCatholicDoctor


    MyCatholicDoctor is a nationwide organization that brings a network of faithful medical professionals to patients through video visits/telehealth, home visits, and office referrals. We can initiate your medical care virtually, order any necessary labs or imaging, and send prescriptions to any pharmacy of your choice. Most of the time we can take care of all of your needs through convenient, affordable telehealth. If in-person care is necessary, our providers will offer a home visit, invite you to be seen in their office, or refer you to a local provider they trust and recommend.

  • The St. Michael Center For Spiritual Renewal


    St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal is a non-profit Catholic organization that prays with people who are spiritually suffering and in need of healing and deliverance. St. Michael Center conducts spiritual education workshops and trains clergy, religious and laity. The Center is committed especially to helping and supporting clergy in living healthy and holy lives. All of this is done under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin and with the protection of St. Michael and his angels.

  • SpiritualDirection.com


    SpiritualDirection.com provides content that reflects Carmelite, Ignatian, Carthusian, Franciscan, Dominican, Benedictine, and many other rich spiritual traditions of the Church to help readers grow in holiness. It is an apostolate of the Avila Foundation. Under the patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the mission of the Avila Institute is to draw Christians worldwide into deeper union with Christ through mystagogically oriented spiritual education and formation.