The mission of Jesus is one of healing and restoration. Jesus came to heal our souls and allow us to share in the everlasting life of the Triune God. But although this healing is oriented towards the spiritual life and salvation, it is not limited to our soul. It also extends to the mind and the body. Again and again, our Lord manifests the healing power of His Holy Spirit by giving sight to the blind, healing lepers, casting out demons, taking away all manner of diseases and infirmities, and even resurrecting the dead. The reason for these various healings is to manifest the arrival of the Kingdom of God, that all may know that the Kingdom of God has come. This Kingdom of God is present in those who have made the Lord Jesus the King of their Hearts.

The good news for you and for me is that God’s mission of healing did not end with the Ascension of Christ into heaven or with the death of the Apostles. Instead the Father has sent us an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to continue the mission of Christ. The healing power of the Holy Spirit continues in the sacraments of the Church, especially the sacraments of Healing, and through a charism to be exercised for the benefit of those who are suffering.

So how can we embrace this healing? As mentioned above, we want to make Jesus the King of our hearts, and we want to engage in the sacraments. The first step then, is Baptism. At Baptism, the Holy Spirit, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, is given to the person baptized and they become a son or daughter of God the Father, a brother or sister of Christ the King, and a temple of the Holy Spirit. The reception of the Holy Spirit at Baptism is the necessary first step of our healing process. Of course, engaging with the other sacraments necessarily follows Baptism.

But the Holy Spirit is not limited to the sacraments either. In fact, He commonly heals through our prayers in four categories: physical healing, psychological healing, spiritual healing, and exorcism and deliverance. We need to recognize that all healing, of both ordinary and extraordinary natures, comes from the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we should always pray and invite the Holy Spirit to heal ourselves personally and those we love. God is not limited in His power, His mercy, or His love for us.

Let us conclude with a prayer of healing: “Lord Jesus, you are the Divine Physician, you are Yahweh Rapha, the Lord whose Spirit heals. Come to our aid for the sake of our salvation and that we might glorify your mercy and continue your work of salvation. Amen.”